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How do I use the search function? How do I locate information on specific Products?

A search tab can be found at the top right corner of every page within this site. Simply type all or part of a model name or the five digit model number into this search field and all relevant results will be returned.

There is a big empty space at the top of the screen...I do not see any images or navigation, what is wrong? utilizes Flash animation for several interactive elements throughout this website, in order to view these elements (and navigate the site effectively) you must download Macromedia's flash player.

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I have to scroll horizontally to view all of the content, why?

This site is optimized for screen resolutions of 1024 pixels wide or more. If you have toolbars, bookmarks or any other fly-out menus open that decrease your browser window's viewable area we would recommend closing or minimizing them. This will maximize the width within your browser window and likely eliminate any horizontal scrolling. If you still experience horizontal scrolling after maximizing your browser window's viewable area, your screen resolution width is likely lower than 1024 pixels. If you would like to increase your screen resolution please consult your operating system support resources.

Where can I find Garelick Products?

We have Authorized Garelick Dealers all over the globe. For a complete list of preferred dealers in your area, use the DEALER LOCATOR on this site. Garelick products are also available from several of the leading marine catalogs and retail chains nationwide; check your local phone listings for potential alternatives near you.

For availability outside the United States and Canada, CONTACT US and we will provide information on where to find our products.

Can I buy Garelick Products Online?

While we do not offer our products for sale on our website, many of the major marine retailers sell Garelick products through their online stores.