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Features, Safety, and Reliability

Seat Slide:

Allows fore and aft movement of seat (usually 6") and changes the horizontal distance between helm/pilot station and seat which provides greater comfort.

Swivel Top:

Provides convenience of 360 degree rotation to allow any boat seat to be used for multiple purpose or observation. Various mechanical means allow for locking/securing seat from swiveling.


Permanent means of mounting a boat seat, suspension system, slide and swivel top to the deck of a boat. Fixed and adjustable heights in three different diameters for proper fit and comfort are offered.

Marine Table Hardware Systems

2.25" and 2.875" Stanchion diameters are available in many styles to match the scale and decor of any boat. Garelick's Marine Table Hardware Collection includes Fixed, Manual and Gas-rise stanchion height adjustments, dozens of different mounting and installation options (including our new quick release system) as well as an unparalleled variety of table tops, bases and stanchion finish options.

ABYC H-31 marine Seating Standard

Our seating systems are engineered and tested for safety, durability and reliable operation. Our components meet or exceed the stringent requirements recommended by American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) for static load, lateral, vertical and horizontal impact.

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Seat and Table Hardware Selection Guide

This tool is the first step in finding the perfect combination of marine seat and/or table hardware for any boating scenario. To use it, simply identify your boat type along the left side of the chart and explore the variety of products ideally suited for your individual situation.