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Quality, Innovation, and Integrity

Garelick's impressive collection of boarding products continues to garner immeasurable industry recognition and accolades. We are especially proud to have received the following awards in recognition of our continued commitment to innovation.

  • June : 2003 (TRITON BOATS) - National Safe Boating Council : Life Savings Award for Innovation
  • July & October : 2003 - National Marine Manufacturers Association : Innovation Awards
  • November : 2003 (TRITON BOATS) - Motor Boating Magazine : Boat Keepers Award
  • February : 2004 - Sail Magazine : Pittman Editor's Choice Award

Installation, Maintenance & Safety:

Size Matters!

Once you have identified the ladder that best suits your needs, it is then very important to choose the proper size for location and correct fit. Ladders fitted that extend 2-3 rungs below the water's surface will provide the best comfort and function.

Easy As 1,2,3

Mounting hardware and easy, step by step installation instructions are included with all Garelick ladders. Ladders feature standoffs to provide adequate support against the transom or hull when in use.

Keep That Bright Finish

Local weather conditions may contribute to minor corrosion. Aluminum and stainless steel are not completely free from corrosion attack. Regular fresh water rinsing and periodic cleaning with a mild abrasive will help to retain luster.

Important Safety Tip

Periodically check mounting hardware and re-tighten (due to normal operation and vibration hardware may loosen over time).

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Ladder Selection Guide

This tool is the first step in finding the perfect ladder for any boating scenario. First, identify your boat type and boarding location along the sides of the chart. Then, refine your search by clicking the button for the ladder type most compatible with your individual situation.